Puppy Curriculum

I’m very excited to be a part of the Badass Breeder Empowered program where,  I can implement early ESI (EARLY SCENT INTRODUCTION) and ENS (EARLY NEUROLOGICAL STIMULATION) exercises with the puppies as early as Day 3 of the puppies being born. The curriculum also includes early daily Puppy Handling from day 1 to Week 8 and beyond. Information on how to continue this program with the puppies will be given out to each family on go home day so that you may continue on at home. This a world class curriculum which will ensure the best possible match based on temperament 

Neonate Care

  • Daily Weight Tracking
  • Calm and Clean Environment
  • Loving Hands (close to hands & face)
  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Early Scent Introduction
  • Emergency Intervention when needed

Puppy Curriculum

  • Aligns with Puppies’ Development
  • Empowers and not Enables
  • Focus on luring with voice and hands
  • Works in a variety of spaces and situations
  • Varies tactile encounters
  • Provides opportunities to problem solve
  • Builds never strength and confidence
  • Pups learn while completing fun challenges
  • Builds tolerance to all types of handling

Temperament Evaluations

We evaluate puppies on important traits like assertiveness, confidence, energy level, sight or sign sensitivities, touch tolerance, etc. Our puppies get the family they deserve, and our families get they puppy they need and want.

We raise our puppies the Empowered Breeder way. Empowering puppies to believe in their own abilities.

Applicant Evaluation by The Comprehensive Badass Breeder Team

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