Our Training Program

Starting from Day 3 of the puppies’ lives, I implemented a curriculum designed to give your pup a solid foundation for becoming a confident dog, but it doesn’t end there! As owners, it’s crucial to keep socialising your puppy during the critical development stage between Weeks 8-16. This helps ensure you raise a well-balanced dog that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

trained cavoodle puppies
Diona the Trainer

To support you in this journey, I’ve partnered with Diona The Trainer.

Diona is a dog training expert who helps dog owners raise well-behaved, attentive and relaxed dogs without the need for constant instructions. Her unique training philosophies allow you to embrace your dog’s instinctual desire to be good, so you can build a stress- and conflict-free relationship with your dog.

Families selected to receive a Cavoodled by Enza puppy are invited to join Diona’s Good Puppy Blueprint program. This program is designed to empower you to bring the best in your dog through better understanding, reduced frustration and conflict, and creating an unbreakable bond!

PART 1 – ABOUT YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND – delivered in-person on Meet & Greet Day
What is a ‘Good Dog’?

Are there ‘Bad Dogs’ in this world?

  • Your job as an owner
  • Understanding proper socialisation
  • A fulfilled dog is a happy dog

PART 2 – HOMECOMING – delivered online before your puppy comes home
What to expect

  • Routine & boundary setting
  • Socialisation with the world

PART 3 – MASTERING THE FIRST NINE WEEKS – self-guided booklet & optional online program

  • Week-by-week guide to ensure your puppy receives the guidance and training they need for lifelong success.
  • Discounted access to the Good Puppy Blueprint Online Program with demonstration videos and personalised mentor support.

To learn more about Diona and her dog training experiences and methods, please visit www.DionaTheTrainer.com.

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